Akane Yushima (湯島 茜 Yushima Akane) is a character in Act-Age manga series. She is an actress affiliated with Kano Office, same as Masaki Minamoto.

She is one of the actors who was chosen from the open audition for "Death Island" film produced by Stars Agency. She is from Kansai Area. She dropped out high school and came up to Tokyo. She is aiming for an actor while working part time at Chinese Restaurant.






  • Akane's favorite things are laundering, ironing and beautiful sunday at the park.
  • She doesn't like dirty food piling up
  • Her favorite foods are okonomiyaki, takoyaki, fried rice and gyoza.
  • Her favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Big Fish, A Story of Yonosuke and Boyhood.
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