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Akira Hoshi (星 アキラ Hoshi Akira) is a character from Act-Age manga series. He is an actor affiliated with Stars Agency.

Akira is famous for his many roles, including Ultra Masked Man, the hero of a popular Sunday morning cartoon. Although he is the son of Arisa Hoshi, a former famous actress, he is not considered by her to have inherited his mother's talent. Conscious of his perception by many as "not a worthy successor to his mother", Akira intends on proving himself as a real actor.


Akira has short blonde hair, in a messy style. His eyes are blue and he is 173 centimeters tall. Akira's casual outfit is a light blue v-neck collared shirt, which he wears when not performing.

When performing in "Death Island", Akira's costume is the standard school uniform used in the film, with a shirt and tie, as well as plaid pants.

When performing in "Night on the Galactic Railroad", Akira's costume includes a black suit, turtleneck, and his hair is brushed in a different style.


Although Akira comes off as cool and suave this is a facade as he has an inferiority complex.


From a young age, Akira was able to become a child star. He thought it was because of his own skill, but soon realized his success was only due to the influence of his mother. At the age of 10, Akira tried to overcome this by studying advanced acting for several days, but could not follow through. He grew up to be a star, but his inferiority complex and feeling of emptiness towards his acting remained.


Akira acts as one of the judges to an acting audition. The following day he is sent to pick up Kei Yonagi from her home and her younger brother Rei instantly recognizes him as Ultra Mask Man. This ensues a scene where a bunch of kids recognizes him, causing a scene. Akira then drives Kei and her siblings to the audition site. While driving there, he fills Kei in on the circumstances of her position in the final round and she baffles him with her explanation of wanting to become an actress. During the audition, Akira is captivated by Kei's Method Acting performance and concludes that she's the real deal.


  • Akira's favorite food is soba. However, this fact is not publicized as it doesn't fit Akira's image as an actor.[1]
  • He dislikes junk food, violence, and vulgar humor.[1]
  • His hobby is exercising. He was not a natural, but as it is a skill that actors need, he began to cultivate his athleticism. He works hard by nature.[1]
  • He prefers movie sequels such as Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


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