Araya Myojin ( (みょう) (じん) () () () Myōjin Araya?) is a character in Act-Age manga series. He is an actor affiliated with Tenkyu Theater Company.

He is recognized as the "monster of the theatre world". He is nicknamed "The Chameleon" because he can take on many faces for his roles. Sumiji said that he has the complete version of Kei's acting. He can delve into a character deeply then conscientiously convey his role through his emotion and body language. Although he admitted that he can't delve into character as fast as Kei can. He is an eccentric weird person with a unique world view and behavior.


Araya has blue eyes and long black hair that is tied in a ponytail. He has wrinkles around his eyes which give him a perpetually exhausted look.


Due to the versatility of Araya's acting as his nickname of the "Chameleon" he is considered to be a weirdo and have a unique perspective and behavior.


Araya used to skip school because he found everything boring and instead would spend his time around the Tenkyu Theatrical Company premises watching the actors at work. Yujiro Iwao took an interest in him and one day followed him to an arcade, played games with him, and offered him the chance to become an actor. Araya's skill for the craft delighted Yuujirou who developed the boy further and further to become a renowned stage play actor and the two developed a close bond.


In his introduction, Araya is shown eating raw meat after hunting a bear.


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