Chiyoko Momoshiro (百城 千世子 Momoshiro Chiyoko) is a character in Act-Age manga series. She is an actress affiliated with Stars Agency.

She is recognized as the hottest young actress in her generation. She is nicknamed "Angel of Stars" because her beauty image both in film and in real life. Her type of acting is create a 'mask' of herself that the audience wished to see. She don't delve emotion to fit her role, because for her the important thing is her look to others. She said that her acting is complete opposite of Kei Yonagi's acting.


Chiyoko is a petite girl with pale skin, a height of 158 cm, round golden eyes, and has short white hair that reaches down to her cheeks, with bangs framing her face which reach down to her forehead. In the beginning, she wears a simple no sleeves knee length dress with a cross running across the top of the dress and at the side is buttonless.





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