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Cinema Club is the fourth story arc of Act-Age manga series.

After 1 month acting as Campanella in "Night of Galactic Railroad", Kei Yonagi aren't allowed to act for a while by Sumiji Kuroyama. Kuroyama ask her to make a friend at school, a normal friend one before she can act again. While she try to make a friend, her classmate Arata Yoshioka invite her to make a film for their high school festival. But make film with just 2 crews is difficult, so they are trying to persuade 2 other 'members' of Sugikita High School's Cinema Club, Hina Asahi and Ryoma Hanai.


Story Impact

  • Kei joins the Cinema Club at her high school and befriends it's members.
  • Arata, Hina and Ryoma are introduced.
  • Kei finds a way to define herself outside of acting.

Characters Introduction