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Death Island is the second story arc of Act-Age manga series.

Stars Agency would produce a film that adapted a popular manga titled "Death Island". Kei Yonagi decided to join the cast audition for the film after she saw "The Angel of Stars", Chiyoko Momoshiro who was the main character of the film. She passed the audition with another co-cast like Masaki Minamoto, Takemitsu Karasuyama, and Akane Yushima. Then they began production of the film which lasted for 1 month.


Story Impact

  • Chiyoko Momoshiro is introduced as Kei's main rival.
  • Kei gains her first major experience filming a movie and begins to gain fame as a result of her performance.
  • Takemitsu, Masaki and Akane are introduced.

Characters Introduction