Act-Age Wiki

This is the Act-Age Wiki's Manual of Style. Below are some of the guidelines that we use for keeping articles organized and in a similar fashion. Please take your time to read and follow the guidelines as closely as possible as you edit any and all pages.

Policies listed here are for usage in articles. Unless stated, they must be followed across the wiki, without exceptions.


  • Articles should be written with In-Universe wording. With the exception of the Trivia section, phrases like "in Chapter 23" or "in the Double Cast arc" should be kept out of sentences.

General writing style

  • The content of this wiki is expressed in English. This is an English language wiki and all edits are expected to be carried out in English (with exception to the Japanese content required via the romaji section in chapter or volume names determined by the content of the series).
  • The official Viz translations are to be used for names of characters, arcs, productions and titles of chapters and volumes.
    • Evidenced mistranslations can be changed so long as the Viz translations are also mentioned on the page.
  • Avoid the use of obscenities, slang terms, and euphemisms in articles. They can be used only in the context of quotes from characters.
  • Keep the tenses of articles/sections consistent.
    • History sections of character articles should be written in past tense. All other sections of an article, including chapter summaries, should be written in present tense.
    • If the content of a section of a chapter or episode is a flashback to a previous story point or the article of a deceased character, it should also be written in past tense.

This page is inspired by the My Hero Academia wiki policy pages