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Masaki Minamoto ( (みなもと) () (さき) Minamoto Masaki?)is a character in Act-Age manga series. He is an actor affiliated with Office Kano Agency, same as Akane Yushima.

He is one of the actors who was chosen from the open audition for "Death Island" film produced by Stars Agency. He is a spirit-type person who has a wide field of vision and doesn't neglect to study. He is usually preparing for the role by delve the film or original work of the story.


Masaki has dark hair and light-colored eyes. He initially wore a black sweater over a white t-shirt, light-colored pants, and shoes.


Masaki is an overserious and opinionated person who's unapologetic with his nitpicks of people. Aside from that, he's a careful and thorough person that always studies the roles he places before an audition.



Masaki notes that Takemitsu's awkward behavior isn't weird, but tactical in standing out in an audition. He does, however, disparage Kei for her insight on how the audition process is handled. Akane then chimes in and calls Masaki out for his "predictable nature". Later, Masaki is paired up with Kei, Takemitsu, and Akane and is told to wait until they're called. While they wait to be called he gets into a conversation with Kei and Takemitsu about the Death Island publication backstory. This leads into a small debate between Takemitsu and him about what their own acting merits, but is stopped by Akane. Soon the quartet is called and then escorted down a hallway to their location.


  • Masaki's favorite things are products that you can get by collect stamps and also Yamazaki Spring Bread Festival.
  • He doesn't like crowded trains.
  • His hobby is buying something just from looking at the cover.
  • His favorite movies are Nobody Knows, The Samurai That Night and Three Stories of Love.
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