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Night of Galactic Railroad is the third story arc of Act-Age manga series.

After finished the "Death Island" film production, Another opportunity came to Kei Yonagi. Sumiji Kuroyama recommended her to Stage Play Director Yujiro Iwao. Before join the stage play cast, she watched Iwao's stage play and meet a stage play actor, Araya Myojin, who was considered as top actor in stage play and also was complete version of Yonagi's acting. With another Iwao's actor like Nanao Misaka and Kametaro Aota also Akira Hoshi who joined later, They would play "Night of Galactic Railroad".


Story Impact

  • Araya Myojin is introduced.
    • He is seen as the fully developed version of Kei.
  • Kei acts in a stage play for the first time and gains invaluable experience in expressing herself via her body language in a way that her co-stars can follow.
  • It is learnt that Yuujirou was the director involved in the production where Arisa Hoshi had her breakdown.
    • He feels guilty for the incident and had dedicated himself to fostering passionate actors ever since.
    • He dies on the opening day of the play.
  • Shinichi Amachi is introduced near the end, attempting to lure Kei into signing with him so he could market her as a tragic heroine.

Characters Introduction