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Scene 10. Meet and Greet[1] is the tenth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


At Studio Daikokuten Yuki Hiiragi is surprised to receive word that Kei Yonagi has been selected as one of the actors for Death Island. She asks Sumiji Kuroyama if he had anything to do with it, to which he responds that he had only asked that they give Kei a fair chance. He continues to say that he had expected Kei to have been rejected given her current skill level and Yuki wonders to herself that Yukiji is more capricious then she had believed. Kei enters the room and Yuki gives her the good news and Kei is moldy taken aback but then remembers her experience at the audition and the words of her co-stars and says to Sumiji that she won't make it the way she is at present and asks him what she should do. Recalling how she lost herself in her performance and was unable to even notice how everyone was trying to bring her back to earth so they could carry out their audition, Kei begins to tear up and says she cannot call herself an actor if she continued to act that way.

Kei begins to cry and Sumiji offers her orange juice to drink as Yuki escorts her siblings to the room. Sumiji is glad that their goals going forward are now clear to Kei and goes on to point out what is missing from her performances that makes them so flawed. He says she should be able to visualize her performances from a bird's eye view whilst acting, so she can direct herself with that. This is an alien concept to Kei and her siblings, who at first believe Sumiji is merely pulling her leg but Yuki backs him up and reaffirms that such an acting technique does exist though Kei is still skeptical.

Sumiji admits that since neither of them is actors they are limited in what they can teach Kei and that is why he had her audition for Death Island so that she could learn from the other actors and steal their techniques. He says that all the Stars actors are well trained and have excellent technique, especially Chiyoko Momoshiro who has extraordinary technique worth stealing. Kei looks on transfixed as Sumiji continues to explain to her that the frustration she is feeling now is because she has worked with others, seen what she lacks, and wants to improve. He deems these feelings a decent gain from her recent struggles and bids her to go out and steal as much as she can so she may grow and that these feelings will make her an actor.

Later on, at a meeting scheduled for all the actors accepted at the audition Akane Yushima is seen confused and dissatisfied at being selected as she is unable to see why she had been chosen but Masaki Minamoto tells her that's exactly what auditions are like and to move on. Takemitsu Karasuyama bursts in and reassures Akane as well saying that they should be confident in themselves as they have all been chosen, Masaki tells him to talk more softly as he is making a racket and then asks if he had also been selected which Takemitsu reaffirms and they all then turn around to see Kei walk in. As soon as she walks up to the group Kei immediately attempts to apologize to Akane for the audition but Akane abruptly leaves before she can finish. They make their way to the meeting room where all the actors selected via audition are present but the Stars actors are all absent.

Yukiji commences the meeting, saying they will be able to meet the Stars actors on set anyway and then suggests that they all do a quick reading of the script. Just at that moment, they are interrupted by none other than Chiyoko walking in, apologizing for being late. She explains she was busy at a shoot and only just got free, noticing that none of the other Stars actors were present she tells Yukiji he simply couldn't hold a face to face meeting on such a day but he retorts that it doesn't matter whether they hold such a meeting or not. Chiyoko chides him for being mean and then addresses the other actors, singling out each one and talking about all their works with deep knowledge, impressing those present. Her eyes rest on Kei and Chiyoko says that she found Kei's performance to be very true to life but points out it wasn't really acting and asks how she manages to do that.

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