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Scene 101. GO[1] is the one hundred and first chapter of Act-Age manga series.


In a dressing room after their showing, Team A speaks with each other about the show and they are all shocked as Kei Yonagi tells them she wants to speak with Hanako Yamanoue because there are a lot of things she wants to ask her. Takemitsu Karasuyama is hesitant on the idea and Ichiko Asano offers to be present nearby in case Kei needs her during the talk. Kei reassures her that she will be alright and that she invited Hanako over to her house for the talk and they are impressed at her strength to be able to invite Hanako over with such confidence with So Shiraishi saying that it is a matter that is between the two of them. Riku Ogami tells Kei that if she reaches the end of her rope then she should use her fists instead of a weapon on Hanako, taking everyone aback as Takemitsu tries to pass it off as a joke and Ichiko chides Riku but Kei thanks everyone present for their support, saying she will be alright.

Later at the Yonagi household, Kei finds herself at a loss for words with Hanako finally sitting in front of her, noticing that the woman still has a bruise on her face from when Kei hit her before the play began, Kei apologises to her. Hanako tells her that she has nothing to apologise for but Kei disagrees and says she had always suspected someone like Hanako, who may have had relations with her father would arrive, since he was rarely ever at home and that even despite that premonition she had lost control of herself and had been unable to finish the play. As she apologises again, Hanako looks on impressed but thinks to herself how much she resents Kei for doing so as she herself is unable to even think of what she should apologise for even though she knows she should. Kei repeats her apology, saying she hadn't realise how alone Hanako had been and the woman is only able to look on in pain as Kei also explains that she will be unable to perform the remaining nights of Princess Iron Fan, being unable to connect to the Princess' anger anymore.

Outside the Yonagi home, Hanako looks up to the sky wondering what on earth she has been up to and Sumiji Kuroyama steps up some distance behind her and says that he has been wondering the same. Saying that he heard from Shinichi Amachi about her past with Kei's father Sumiji says he finally understands what Hanako did to the girl, going on to say that the fact that the Ox King didn't show up at the end of Princess Iron Fan is because Hanako had no expectations of anyone, including herself. This made her incapable of interpreting anything herself and that was why she left it up to the actors to do it instead. Hanako says that she tried to do so but failed and Sumiji angrily tells her not to mess with his actor if she was unable to finish what she had began.

The next day, Arisa Hoshi, Yukiji Tezuka along with two members of Team B, Eiji Yamadera and Ken Watado smoke outside the venue of the performance and talk in amazement at how Sumiji completely transformed their acting in just 10 hours by giving only minor adjustments. Ayumi Arishima runs after her mother but bumps into Chiyoko Momoshiro and apologises but Chiyoko returns it, saying that she was late because she had gone home to shower, while putting a finger to her lips so that the young girl wouldn't accidentally reveal her identity. Chiyoko gets up and proceeds to make her way into the theater to perform and on the way her phone rings, she sees that Akira Hoshi has sent her a message and smirks. Later, Sumiji stands outside the dressing room and turns around to see Chiyoko fully dressed, telling her she is late and she apologises, saying she wanted to look at the audience's faces. Teasing Sumiji for not complimenting her on how she looked in the costume she says he must not get many dates, irking the director who tells her to shut up. Smugly thanking him she walks forward to win and beat Kei and it is seen that Akira's message to her was "The star's job is to serve the audience!".

Chapter Notes

  • Kei speaks with Hanako about her father.
  • Team B's performance is about to begin.

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