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Scene 11. Meet and Greet (Part 2)[1] is the eleventh chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Chiyoko Momoshiro tells Kei Yonagi she had watched her audition tape and asked her if what she was doing was really acting, as Kei was incredibly natural and realistic. Saying that acting was supposed to be being natural to the point where it seemed unnatural. Kei asks Chiyoko if she is able to have an out of body experience and control her movements as if she were floating above herself but no one is able to understand what she is alluding to and begin to laugh at her. Kei is embarrassed and thinks Sumiji Kuroyama had tricked her.

Continuing, Kei tells Chiyoko that she is very beautiful but that she was unable to see her face and she felt that this was an inhuman trait in the superstar. Chiyoko rushes forward and says that her own performances didn't produce fully realized human beings like Kei's did but says that she did not know what Kei meant by her being inhuman. Takemitsu Karasuyama looks at Kei and notices her trembling, as Chiyoko continues to talking to her and saying that if she considered acting to be showing her true face to the audience then she was perfectly fine with being inhuman. Kei sweats as she notices that for just an instant a burning rage flashed on Chiyoko's face.

Some days later, the results of the Death Island auditions are announced and students in Kei's class are shocked to see that she is one of the co-stars through their shock only grows upon seeing her expression, as she is still focused on Chiyoko's words to her. Later at Studio Daikokuten, Sumiji has Kei exercise her visualization skills by closing her eyes and imagining what the area around her would look like, including herself. She is unable to visualize herself from the perspective of someone looking down on the scene from the roof and Sumiji explains that this is a skill Chiyoko would be well versed in. He says that her acting is based on giving the audience what they want and that Kei should aim to steal some of her techniques while they work together. The next day, Kei meets up with her co-stars at the airport as they all prepare to go to an island for 30 days to shoot Death Island.

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