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Scene 12. Roll Camera![1] is the twelfth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Filming for Death Island commences and Chiyoko Momoshiro impresses immediately with her acting skill and Yukiji Tezuka looks on impressed as she seamlessly covers for the shortcomings of her co-stars. Showing an excellent grasp of the positions of all the cameras and the size of the picture they take, Chiyoko gracefully progresses through her takes without the need for direction. Kei Yonagi is mesmerized and when it is break time for the actors, she decides to stay and watch Yukiji perform the video check to be able to more closely analyze Chiyoko. She notes that Chiyoko has discarded her own viewpoint, instead of seeing what the cameras see and realizes that is what Sumiji Kuroyama meant by an out of body experience.

Meanwhile, Masaki Minamoto and Akane Yushima are exhausted from the day's work and talk about their first day on set. Ruing the fact that she made a mistake during her scene and fumbled with her lines, she is disheartened that the take was accepted and Masaki says that was due to Chiyoko's quick thinking and improvisation to match her, which meant the mistake didn't stand out. Akane continues and says she underestimated Stars Agency and thinks back on Akira Hoshi's insistence on performing his stunts by himself so that they would not have to cheat the camera angle. The actor had managed to scale a three-meter cliff without even using his hands leaving all his co-stars very impressed. Akane notes that she has gotten sucked into the scale of the production and is unable to produce a natural performance and that she had thought the Stars performers were simply pretty faces, admitting that their conduct had allowed them to shoot the film smoothly and shown her just how much further she had to go. Deflated, she says that they were only there to complement the Stars actors and would not leave a mark but Masaki attempts to cheer her up and say it is still only the first day of filming.

Takemitsu Karasuyama helps Kei out with an acting exercise she had asked him to assist her with but he is puzzled as it only involves him filming her walking across the beach. When she reviews the footage, Kei sees that she is still unable to visualize herself from the view of the camera properly and Takemitsu says she says some strange things from time to time. He offers to help her rehearse her lines, believing it would be a more useful exercise for Kei as she has to shoot a scene the next day but Kei tells him that she is confident that when she acts out that scene, one which involves her seeing one of her classmates die she would throw up. Surprised and concerned, Takemitsu says that he understands why she would but that if she threw up then the scene would likely get cut and Kei responds by saying that was why she wanted to do something before her scene. Seeing, that Kei was trying to improve in her own way, Takemitsu agrees to stick it out with her training exercises, and she thanks him as the pair resume her training exercises. Akira Hoshi, who had been meaning to greet Kei but had been unable to do since filming started immediately as they arrived, stumbles upon the pair and looks on from afar as they train. At first, he is confused and wonders what good it will do but he notices that Kei seems different from before.

The next day, filming continues with Sen Wakatsuki and Ryuugo Donoue of Stars, with Sen telling Ryuugo to take the filming seriously but he just tells her she is taking it too seriously. The next take begins which finally involves Kei, who will have to witness Sen's character slash Ryuugo's and kill him. Her co-stars look on eagerly as the take is about to commence.

Chapter Notes

  • Filming of Death Island begins.
  • Chiyoko and Akira impress on the first day.
  • Kei eagerly studies Chiyoko's acting style and tries to improve her own.
  • Second day of filming starts.

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