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Scene 13. Yonagi Self-Monitors[1] is the thirteenth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Kei Yonagi takes note of the cameras filming the scene as her take is about to begin. Seeing that there are three cameras, with two of them on her, Akane Yushima and Kanna Kinashi with the other on Sen Wakatsuki and Ryuugo Donoue. The scene begins and Sen slays Ruugo's character, turning next to the trio looking on, she asks them if they are with Ryuugo and Akane's character stammers that they aren't and the others look on confused as Kei misses her cue to deliver her line.

Yukiji Tezuka reminds her of it and Kei apologizes, Kanna attempts to bolster her spirits as Masaki Minamoto notes that Akane is still unable to talk to Kei normally after the tantrum she threw at her in auditions, praying that Kei doesn't do anything further to jeopardize the take. Ryuugo asks Yukiji if he has to redo his take since there was no problem with his own execution and the director asks Kei if she believes she can pull off her line without a hitch now and she confidently responds in the affirmative.

Chiyoko Momoshiro and Takemitsu Karasuyama look on and the latter notes that they will finally be able to see the fruits of Kei's training from the night from before. The take begins and Kei focuses herself, becoming fully immersed in the scene, delivering her line successfully. Later on, Akira Hoshi asks Yukiji to see the take as he had been off-site during filming as he was at another shoot. Upon seeing the take, he is shocked at how realistic Kei's performance is and asks whether it is truly acting or not.

Akira asks if Yukiji is having Kei perform while she is sick but he says that is not so and tells Akira that shortly before delivering her line, Kei staggered out of the frame and threw up before quickly getting back in place and delivering her line. The director is impressed that while the vomiting was an inescapable complication of the shooting, Kei had accounted for it and managed to see her part through. Akira and Yukiji note that Kei's growth is highly irregular as she is learning to see herself from other points of view before even being able to prepare for her role, calling it creepy.

Elsewhere, Kei wakes up and says she is hungry. Akane speaks up from next to her and says that she would be as she had passed out right after their take. Kei apologizes for causing such trouble and Akane continues, telling her that despite her puking, the take had been accepted going on to tell Kei that she was amazing, much to Kei's surprise. Akane thinks back to what Kei had asked her and Masaki at auditions about feeling as though their body moved on its own while acting, realizing that it had been true about Kei, Akane smiles. She realizes that Kei had found out that her acting was like a double-edged sword because of the tantrum she had thrown at her during auditions and that Kei had been working to improve herself ever since then.

Akane apologizes to Kei but the girl is puzzled as she says that she was the one who ended up causing a commotion in the end but Akane retorts that she was the one who went off on Kei at the auditions because she had misunderstood her. Adamant, Kei says that she might have really harmed Takemitsu in the auditions if not for Akane's intervention and the girl laughs. Masaki and Takemitsu stand outside the door to Kei's room with food for her but Masaki is appalled at hearing that Kei would have injured Takemitsu, believing she is quite dangerous but Takemitsu merely states that Masaki is still too young to understand a woman's heart as Kei and Akane continue to laugh inside, having finally mended ties with each other.

Chapter Notes

  • Kei successfully shoots her scene, managing to evade complications to the take due to throwing up.
  • Akane and Kei move past their awkward relations since the audition.

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