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Scene 16. Friends[1] is the sixteenth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Somewhere on the set of Death Island, Kei asks Akane, Takemitsu, and Masaki if they're all friends. Her response from them is mixed, but Akane clarifies after Kei asks if they're aren't friends, that they, in fact, are. The reason why she asks this is because the day before when Akane was in danger, she felt like jumping in to save, because they're friends. Hearing this from Kei concerns Akane, as Masaki comments the feelings of friendship must be intense. Takemitsu internally thinks that Kei's role was to sacrifice herself in order to save Chiyokio's character. Kei then proclaims that she should become friends with Chiyoko, but her response from her friends is tepid.

Afterward, Kei approaches Chiyoko by a park bench and the two talk. The scene is watched by Akane, Takemitsu, and Masaki whisper to one another. Chiyoko instantly figures out Kei's motive to try and befriend her, but rejects it as feelings are a hindrance to acting. This causes Kei to lament over her failure to become friends with Chiyoko and ponders what to do next. Akane and Masaki both give their opinions on the situation and then Kei asks her friends what made them want to become actors. Masaki became one because he was scouted by an agency, Akane was a child actor who wanted to continue acting, and Takemitsu finds it as addicting as a drug. When asked as to why she decided to become an actress. Kei then reflects on several things and answers that her sister told her that she has what it takes and smiles. However, Kei then questions as to why did Chiyoko become an actress.

Just then the director Yukiji sets up the scene with Chiyoko and Kei. Before Kei enters the scene, Yukiji requests that Kei doesn't think about anything and just give everything that she's got. Perplexed by this as this would cause trouble for everyone, the director still insists. Chiyoko's internal monologue reveals that Yukiji asked her to wrap things up for him. She also notes that the director has the face of a liar, which is synonymous with the face of an actor. The crew then notes that they'll have to take the shot then and there as the weather in the coming days would throw off their schedule. Chiyoko notes that things like this often occur which is why shooting must be done ahead of schedule. She then claims they should just do the take. Masaki notes how he feels nervous about the situation and Akane can relate.

Before the scene is shot, Chiyoko asks Kei if she likes acting, to which, Kei answers yes, which saddens Chiyoko and confuses Kei. The scene is about to begin and Kei tries to motivate herself to perform the scene. On the other hand, Chiyoko deduces Kei's perspective about acting and how flawed it is. Takemitsu then comments on how both Kei and Chiyoko are similar to each other. While Masaki doesn't get it, Akane seems to understand and Takemitsu elaborates on his reason. Masaki concurs with Takemitsu's reason, but thinks this is all intentional in some way. The director Keiji seems to confirm it as he wants to "break Kei's mask".

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