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Scene 17. First Scene Together[1] is the seventeenth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Masaki, Akane, Ryuugo give their respective opinions on what's going to happen in the scene between Kei and Chiyoko. The director, Yukiji's earlier request is reiterated that Chiyoko put a crack Kei's mask. The scene starts and Kei plays her role normally without a hitch. Kei's performance impresses Chiyoko, who tries to put pressure on Kei, but is caught off when Kei's tears affect her as well. Yukiji ends the scene and Kei's friends note their amicable impression of Kei's performance. While Chiyoko walks past Yukiji, he compliments her for the wonderful take. However, it's noted by her response that she's angry for him trying to instigate something between them. Akane then approaches Kei and compliments her, but is surprised to see her still crying. Kei claims that in the middle of the scene, "Karen's" face shattered to pieces, and underneath was the angel of what they all know of. Furthermore, Kei apparently stopped acting midway through and her crying was for feeling sorry for Chiyoko for wearing a "Mask". Feeling dissatisfied with the take, Kei requests a retake be done. It never comes to be as it starts raining.

Afterward, Kei continuously dunks herself in the nearby ocean water, as Takemitsu stands by watching her. The reason for her doing this was because she was trying to "Cool her head" over what she considers was a fiasco take. Furthermore, Kei discloses to Takemitsu that she couldn't construct a solid image or understanding of Chiyoko's character Karen to work with. Takemitsu takes this as if Kei doesn't understand her co-star, she can't play her role. Back in the hotel where the cast is staying, the main cast of Death Island was finishing up an interview. They're then approached by Kei and her friends and Takemitsu challenges their co-stars to a pillow fight. This challenge was in order to break the ice between their costars.

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