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Scene 18. Pillow Fight[1] is the eighteenth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Ryuugo chastises the notion of Takemitsu's proposal for a pillow fight. In his defense, Takemitsu doesn't believe it's a bad idea as they barely know anything about each other so this is a fun way to break the ice. Both Ryuugo and Takemitsu then have a back and forth conversation throwing pillows at each other while their co-stars watch by the sidelines.

Once everyone gives their respective opinions on the pillow fight between Takemitsu and Ryuugo. Sen claims that having a mixer would be a good idea would be a good way to get to know each other outside of their roles. Akira also agrees as with the notion and apologizes for not making an effort sooner. At that moment in an effort to get Chiyoko's attention, Kei throws a pillow at her but it hits Akira instead. As Kei apologizes to Akira, Chiyoko notes the rain to be problematic and claims that she feels tired and will retire for the night. Before she leaves, Akane informs her that Kei is trying to bond with her. On the other hand, Chiyoko is well aware of that, but brushes it off and leaves. Masaki admonishes Kei from trying to befriend Chiyoko. Furthermore, Akira tries to defend Chiyoko's cold and indifferent nature because of her background in the entertainment industry. Hearing this makes Masaki give a snide remark about any job that isn't lucrative is a risk as it would compromise her public image. Makai's comment that Chiyoko is like a machine, makes Kei think that's why she was unable to see Chiyoko's true face. Kei also thinks that can someone like Chiyoko really exist and Akira tells her that no person does. Wanting to see Chiyoko, Kei asks Akira for her room number.

While the storm rages on outside, the Death Island crew talk with the director Yukiji about how the stormy weather will affect the movie production. Meanwhile, Kei visits Chiyoko's room, but she's not there. Back to the director and crew, the producer suggests a script change due to the circumstances with the weather. Yukiji tries to dissuade the producer from the proposal leading him to have an outburst. In the producer's rebuttal, he notes that Yukiji's job isn't to pursue his obsession with the recent changes he's made, but to create a blockbuster hit. It's then Kei arrives on the scene and asks if her scene with Chiyoko will be cut, to which, the producer confirms. The producer tries to relay that he understands that she'll have less time to shine, but sacrifices must be made. In Kei's defense, she claims that she hasn't done anything yet.

Yukiji's inner monologue reveals that his first directing job he had the lead actress do multiple takes for a single shot. The final take that was shot was magnificent, but the actress filed a complaint and caused him to be unable to find work for 5 years because of it. When he was finally picked up by Stars Agency, he just obsequiously accepted all takes from the shots that he directed. This all became habitual until he saw Kei's performance and wanted to rekindle his former ideology. Sadly, Yukiji mentions to Kei that due to the weather their chances of doing that shot are null. On the other hand, Kei still insists they do it. At that point, Chiyoko appears and states that they have to generate the maximum profit with a minimal amount of risk. The producer thinks that Chiyoko was siding with him, on the contrary, she's adamant that they still shoot the scene typhoon or not. Chiyoko also reinforces to Kei that she's not doing it for her sake, but for the movie. She's resolved to finish the movie and will be taking Kei along with her, to which, Kei agrees.

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