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Scene 19. Storm[1] is the nineteenth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Once the typhoon dissipated, 2 days of filming were lost and filming once again began on the 20th day. In order to save on costs and make up for lost time; a scene that was supposed to have 8 takes were done in a single session. This was by request of Chiyoko and she manages to fulfill it effortlessly. Because of Chiyoko's suggestion and coordination, all of the lost time was made up for. Masaki notes his disdain about Chiyoko hogging all of the spotlight, but Akane notes that she is the film star. In his rebuttal, Masaki claims that it puts them in hard spot to be able to shine. While Takemitsu, Akane, and Masaki all give their opinions on Chiyoko, Kei thinks that she can't screw up her take the following day.

The next day another typhoon strikes the area causing another compromise in the filming schedule. With all hope lost, the director Yukiji devises a risky endeavor that he's absolutely reluctant to put on his actors. Chiyoko knows exactly what the director's plan and wants to go with it. At that moment, Kei arrives on the scene and asks when they'll begin filming. Afterward, amid the typhoon, the set is prepared for the final take which will be shot in one continuous take. Yukiji notes Kei's anxiety about the take and is internally apologetic for making her go through such a task. Before the scene starts, Chiyoko jokes that it'd be problematic Kei gets her face hurt, but anywhere else would be fine. She then claims to Kei just leave everything to her and Kei just contemplates over, Chiyoko's "mask".

The final scene then begins and both actresses play out their respective roles without a hitch for the most part. This is noted by Yukiji who praises the two for doing good thus far. As the storm winds start to pick up the crew struggle to keep the lighting in place. Yukiji's inner monologue notes that doing a retake is impossible at that point and hopes both Kei and Chiyoko pull this off. Meanwhile, Kei focuses primarily on protecting Chiyoko's character "Karen".

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