Scene2. First Job is the second chapter of Act-Age manga series.


This chapter begins with scenery of Sumiji Kuroyama's office. A woman calls him because he turned the job she brought in and worries about the company and her paycheck. Then Kuroyama ask her what will she do if she discovered uncut gem of an actress with the potential to leave an imprint on history. She answer that she would sign that gem and culvivate it. After that conversation, Kuroyama leave the office. She ask him where he is going because they have a shoot that day. He just answer with "I'm going to polish that gem"

In Yonagis' house, Yonagi, Rui and Rei commence the family meeting about Kuroyama. Rui and Rei doubt him because they think he was just a horny-toad director and totally sketchy. Yonagi agree with them. After that she goes to school.

During the trip to the school, several student watch Yonagi running. While watching her gorgeous run form, one of them recommends recruiting Yonagi to track and field club. But another student rejects that opinion because Yonagi won't even hang out because since junior high school she works for her family. Another female student also watch Yonagi runs when she crosses the road. After that, suddenly a car appears in front of them covering their view of Yonagi. After the car goes away from that place, Yonagi also dissappears from their sight.


Kuroyama take Yonagi into the car

It turns out that Kuroyama takes Yonagi into the car and goes to studio. While Kuroyama drives the car, Yonagi who felt she was kidnapped by him flails him in the car. In front of the studio, the woman who calls Kuroyama about his job before Yuki Hiiragi is waiting him because he is already late. Suddenly a car appears in front of her and crash something. Kuroyama and Yonagi come out from the car while arguing about how Kuroyama 'kidnapped' Yonagi.


Studio for Web Ad Shooting by Studio Daikokuten

Yuki introduce Kuroyama and herself as Director and Assistan Manager at Studio Daikokuten to Yonagi. Yonagi who look around the studio believe Yuki about the shooting. But she says that she can't work with Kuroyama. Kuroyama provoke her with saying about how she is scary because seeing a real studio for the first and also calls her self-proclaimed actress. Yonagi is provoked and says that she'll do the job and prove it in front of him.

The project is a web ad for a new stew mix with title "Stew for Father's Day". Yonagi will act as a young girl cooking for the first time, making a home-cooked meal for her father when he gets home from work. After confirm the scenario to Kuroyama, Yonagi try to do the scenario with direction from Yuki. It turns out that Yonagi acts like a profesional chef rather than a beginner one, even Kuroyama says she acts like the Iron Chef. Kuroyama ask her to be serious then She answer that she was serious. That quarrel happens in front of producer and client while Yuki worries about company reputation.


Yonagi acts like a profesional chef

Kuroyama ask Yonagi about what acting is for her. She says that acting is remembering. then Kuroyama ask her to remember the first time she ever cooked for her father. Yonagi claims that she has never cooked for her dad but Kuroyama says that it doesn't matter. What Kuroyama want to see is her love, he want to see her making an effort someone she care about despite it's not her father as the scenario said. After pondering for a while, she recalls the moment when she first cooked for Rui and Rei. She wanted to cheer they up after their mom's death with serve them a curry that their mom always made. While recalling that moments, suddenly she acts like a clumsy girl do cooking like a child with sadness feeling but pretended to be fine. That scene is accordance with Kuroyama expectation and immediately ask the staff to do a retake.


Yonagi's actong after recalling her first cooking moment

After the filming ended, Yonagi watched her own acts video. Realized that she was fixated on video, he interupts it with says that her dopey smile is crappy. That is her first time acting on camera and she is suprised. She says that she is prettier than she thought only to be replied by Kuroyama with says that her performance is still half-assed. At that time in school, Rui reminder Rei about school recess, but she can't think about that because she was wondering about Kuroyama's identity so she she googled him and then it seems like Kuroyama is a real big-shot in film industry.

Chapter Notes

  • Yuki Hiiragi is introduced to the story.
  • Yonagi don't join a club at school because her works
  • Studio Daikokuten is introduced as Kuroyama and Yuki's small company.
  • This is the first time Yonagi acting in front of camera and also first project that Yonagi take as an actress.

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