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Scene 20. Karen and Keiko[1] is the twentieth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Internally, the director Yukiji begs, Kei to pull through this. Both Kei and Chiyoko manage to make it to Point A of the scene. It's then explosions were created by the ground that represented missile landing explosions. As their co-stars watch this all from the sidelines, Takemitsu notes the "no boundary" between Kei and the role that she plays. Ryuugo has no clue what Takemitsu is saying, but Sen understands and is still concerned. On the other hand, Yukiji is hopeful that everything is done by the script. Sen then admits that when Kei is immersed in a role, her acting is all real.

It's then shown that Chiyoko fell and Kei improvised it with it. Although Chiyoko played along with it, she also realizes that Kei has finally recognized her as Karen, which she considers problematic. Kanna believes that Kei is cool and Akira concurs, however, he also notes that Kei is standing out too much as well. This is because the lead star must always stand out more than the side character and not vice-versa. However, due to Kei's realistic quality acting, complicates things.

After Kei's character tries to help up Chiyoko's, she freezes up knowing full well that Chiyoko may get hurt in the process. To mitigate Kei's anxiety, Chiyoko in character reassures Kei's character not wanting to be upstaged by her to proceed and they do. The scene then continues as the camera and lighting crew follow in pursuit behind them. At the sight of Point B, the crew there ready themselves as at the scene comes to its climax.

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