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Scene 21. Side View[1] is the twenty first chapter of Act-Age manga series.


While Kei and Chiyoko finally make it to Point B. Director Yukiji how they arrived at the final point and that Kei is immersed in her role. He honestly believes that the two of them can finish the scene. Both Kei and Chiyoko play out the scene as in the script and their co-stars continue watching it. Akane recalls how she treated Kei after the audition. She then realizes that she wasn't angry about Kei's self-serving performance, but how awful their acting skills were. Furthermore, Akane notes that the acting Kei and Chiyoko are doing is so real that it's like watching a war documentary. Masaki then notes that once Kei is immersed in a role she can stand toe to toe with Chiyoko. To that comment, Akane proudly agrees, which is noted by Masaki. Takemitsu then notes that the scene where Kei has the most anxiety about, where she sacrifices herself to save Chiyoko, should go off without a hitch.

As the scene continues, Chiyoko's inner monologue reveals that she won't be upstaged by the "uncouth" Kei. She believes the more intense the environment and things against her, the better her performance will be. Chiyoko then says a line in her character and Kei smiles making Chiyoko also smile too. This internally unnerves Chiyoko, as emotions must be crafted with intent and tries to focus on not getting away. A flashback then reveals how Chiyoko was considered weird growing up by writing in the things you like sections on profile books. Because of people's comments about her interests, she became sensitive to people's perspective on her. This caused her to project herself into worlds created by others in order to deal with that insecurity. That was until someone scouted her out and brought her into the world of acting. From then on out, Chiyoko worked in full earnestly to culminate the extraordinary actor that she was to that point in time. All of it was for the sake of being an actor.

Back to the present, Chiyoko notes how Kei's acting is the opposite of her own, but still, she'll play her role of how she's perceived to the end. With the climax coming to a head, a torrent of water almost ruins the scene by sweeping Chiyoko off her feet. Feeling that she's failed due to this unforeseen incident, Kei sacrifices herself in order to save Chiyoko. The scene proceeds and Chiyoko calls out to Kei's character Karen.

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