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Scene 22. Thank You[1] is the twenty second chapter of Act-Age manga series.


The scene continues off where Kei sacrifices herself for Chiyoko. Their costars watching the scene note how it's different from the original take, but Takemitsu who looks the most shocked, notes that it was all a mistake. Chiyoko looking despondent, who once disparaged the script, reflects that her job to wear a mask and play the role given to her was challenged by Kei. Sheepishly, Chiyoko thanks Kei and the director Yukiji cuts the scene. Frantically, Chiyoko asks the crew to rescue Kei. Meanwhile, Kei who's caught in a safety net appears to be fine and notes that she even surprised herself. She was resolved to die and figured that she'd never again see all of those important to her again. It's then that Chiyoko checks up on Kei and Kei asks her if her face is alright. Bluntly, Chiyoko answers that her face is fine.

Because of the safety nets set up by Yukiji, Kei only suffered minor abrasions and a high fever which had her bedridden until the final day of shooting. On the final day of shooting, a bouquet of flowers is each given to Akira, Kei, and Chiyoko. Yukiji then thanks them for all of their hard work, causing Kei to become emotional and thank him. That night, Kei claims to her friends that she's glad that she became an actor as she eats bbq with them. As the lead actors enjoy themselves, Chiyoko approaches Yukiji noting that most of the people that were working are gone. Yukiji responds that once filming wrapped up most of the stars returned back to Tokyo. He then claims that her performance brought up a lot of attention and asks if she's angry about it. Chiyoko answers that what he did was unethical and while she's ok with it, his superior Arisa will not be. To that, Yukiji notes that when he was still an assistant director, an inpertinant junior claimed that directors are cursed. In what they try to achieve behind a lens that of which has never been accomplished, you have to make hard turn detours. Furthermore, he feels a touch better then, as he captured a side of Chiyoko not scene before.

Takemitsu then notes that Kei hasn't talked with Chiyoko since the incident. Kei realizes this and it's because she believes that Chiyoko is still upset with her. Akane and Masaki to go and approach her, but Chiyoko appears and wants to have a "Post Mortem" or date with her.

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