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Scene 23. Fireworks[1] is the twenty third chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Yukiji visits, Kei's table looking for Kei, but finds out that she's out with Chiyoko on a "Post-mortem" date. The two talk about the final scene they shoot together. Chiyoko notes that because she mastered Kei's acting technique, she was able to improve her acting ability and thanks her for it. Before Kei could finish giving her response, Yukiji appears with some fireworks that he plans to set off. Setting off the fireworks instantly makes Kei be rhapsodic, which is noted by Chiyoko. Everyone there enjoys themselves and during it, Kei audaciously declares that she'll continue acting for the rest ofher life. The reason why she did that, is because she spotted a shooting star in the sky. After hearing this, Takemitsu then declares he'll one day go on broadway. Akane then spots the shooting star too and both Masaki and Ryuugo make their respective wishes.

Elsewhere, Akira and Yukiji talk about the success of the movie Death Island. Admittedly, Yukiji is uncertain if the movie will be successful or not. He discloses that he failed to tame the Angel or Bulldowser, not to mention also the typhoon that hit was a disaster too. Although his self-reflection of this made him want to die, he thinks that he and everyone else will learn and grow from this movie's experience. All of this is due to the work of Kei, who is having her shirt signed by nearly all of the cast except for Chiyoko who charges for hers.

Back in Tokyo, Sumiji is talking with a surly stage director known as Yujiro Iwao. He blatantly declines Sumiji's offer to have Kei on his stage as he only accepts actors who "stink" on his stage. Sumiji, however, believes that Kei would be a great addition to the stage and would complement his final act as a director. Yujiro notes that the look on Sumiji's face reminds him of his teacher and that it pisses him off. In his retort, Sumiji claims that man isn't his teacher and briefly talks about Kei. Although Sumiji wants Kei to join Yujiro's actors right away, that is currently impossible as the star Araya Myojin is not there.

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