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Scene 24. Encounter[1] is the twenty fourth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


At Studio Daikokuten, Kei Yonagi watches TV with her siblings Rei Yonagi and Rui Yonagi. She points out Chiyoko Momoshiro, telling them that she acted with her as Rei tells her that they know she did. Sumiji Kuroyama and Yuki Hiiragi look on with Yuki finding the siblings to be adorable.

Sumiji remarks that he hopes Kei had learned something during her time acting and she sharply glances towards him. Telling them with great pride that she had managed to throw up off-screen much to their befuddlement.

Later, Kei waits for Chiyoko at a stage play that Sumiji had given her tickets to. Incredibly nervous, Kei waits and begins to worry after fifteen seconds pass from the time they were appointed to meet. She is devastated as Akira Hoshi arrives to tell her he would be taking Chiyoko's place instead as the girl had to do some last-minute work. The pair head in and Kei is amazed at the size of the theater as Akira explains that acting on stage is a different experience from acting for a film. His thoughts drift away as he ponders over wanting to learn from stage acting himself as the play commences.

Araya Myojin begins his performance and Kei is mesmerized, noting how he seemed so close even though he was far away on the stage performing his lines quietly. Both Akira and Kei watch in awe as Araya captivates the audience in mere moments and Akira compares him to Kei. As the play ends, Kei sits transfixed and tells Akira that she wants Araya's autograph. Akira tells Kei that if people mentioned talented young actors then Araya would be on top of the list.

Surprised she had been able to get tickets for a showing as they always sold out the day they went on sale, Akira tells Kei that he believes her acting is similar to his. Silently wondering to himself as to how he could catch up to both the actors Akira gets up and takes Kei to get Araya's autograph. Excited, she hurries over and both of them make their way to a private press area where Araya was giving a post show interview. Kei is shocked to see Araya outside his performance and at first says that he was not the one who she had seen on stage.

A press member mentions that they had heard Araya had gone into the mountains to prepare for the role, with no modern day amenities. They ask him why he went to such lengths and Araya says that it was to get into character for his role, which was to be a hunter and that as someone who gorged on meat from the supermarket everyday without knowing the value of hunting it for himself, he could never relate to his role properly. Saying that each time he acted it was as if he had been reborn Araya explains that it felt like something he had been born to do.

Araya gets up to leave and Akira says it is typical for him and begins to tell Kei to come with him to get the autograph when he is suddenly recognized by the press who make a commotion. Glancing towards Kei, Araya steps forward and Akira begins to greet him but Araya ignores him and asks Kei if she was an actor, saying he could smell it on her.

Chapter Notes

  • Kei and Akira meet Araya Myojin.

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