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Scene 25. Araya Myojin[1] is the twenty fifth chapter of the Act-Age manga series.


Araya Myojin steps close to Kei Yonagi and asks her if she is an actor, saying that he can smell it on her. Kei is spooked by Araya's unorthodox mannerisms and clings to Akira Hoshi with the paparazzi seizing this chance to take a multitude of pictures of the scene. Telling Kei that despite her strong raw potential, she is still too new Araya walks off.

Back at home, Yuki Hiiragi tells Kei more about Araya as Sumiji Kuroyama arrives and tells her that she will be starring in Yujiro Iwao's next play alongside Araya. Excited, she arrives the next day for rehearsal and finds Nanao Sanzaka and Kametaro Aota arguing over each other's acting. Araya tells them that they werer still not at the stage of reading from the script so fighting over that was unnecessary and Iwao agrees with him, telling the pair to only fight if it was for something meaningful. He spots Kei and asks her if she is ready to join him and the rest of the actors on their journey in the play Night of Galactic Railroad.

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