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Scene 26. Resolve is the twenty sixth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Night of Galactic Railroad is a stage play that tells the story of a boy called Giovanni (to be played by Araya Myojin). It covers an experience he has with his best friend Campanella (as played by Kei Yonagi), as they both encounter a magical train called the Galactic Railroad.

Kametaro Aota and Nanao Sanzaka are shocked to hear that Kei will be playing the other lead alongside Araya, believing her to be unfit and too new. Yujiro Iwao disagrees with them and points out the errors in their way of thinking. Araya says it's all about whether they have the resolve to call themselves actors that differentiates a professional from an amateur.

He asks Kei if she is an actor but before she can respond Nanao interjects and says that there is one thing that matters above even having the resolve to succeed or being famous and begins to have Kei act out the scenario of sitting inside a train. As Kei sits down and begins to focus she realizes that what she had before was only her grasping her reason to exist and not the kind of resolve Araya had been talking about. Envisioning herself sitting in a train and watching the scenery go by Kei begins to act the scenario out.

The others believe she hasn't yet started as she doesn't show any major outward changes but Araya notices that she is swaying slightly with the motion of the train. Nanao is displeased, thinking of it as an unforthcoming performance and that she would not have noticed the swaying at all had she not been standing as close to Kei as she was. Araya notes that while the performance lacks in expressive power, even he would not have been able to reproduce the swaying as quickly as Kei had.

Nanao tries to catch Kei off guard and interrupts her reverie by inserting herself into the scene and asking if she could take a seat next to her. For an instant Kei is surprised and taken aback, Nanao tries to capitalize and ask if something is wrong but Kei recovers and says she was only surprised as there were so many other empty seats and says she may sit next to her. Nanao is caught off guard herself and doesn't know how to respond.

Iwao intervenes and says that is enough, chiding Nanao for stopping her own performance even though she did not know how to respond, saying that she must continue acting and not let her internal confusion show on her face. Araya tells Kei that her co-stars are her weakness as her acting is too real and it is difficult for them to keep up with her. He compares acting to diving, saying that while the regular actor would dive just a couple of meters to act she dived a couple hundred meters.

Iwao says that it would be more interesting to have Kei act in the play and Nanao grudgingly concedes his point as he asks Kei to join them for practice starting the next day.

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