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Scene 27. Assignment is the twenty seventh chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Kei Yonagi speaks with Takemitsu Karasuyama about getting into a play directed by Yujiro Iwao and Takemitsu is shocked, being a big fan of Iwao's work. He warns her of the director's fierce reputation which sets her on edge.

The next day Kei arrives for practice armed with a broom as she speaks with Iwao who is puzzled as to why she has one. As the practice commences, Iwao throws his walking stick like a javelin at Kametaro Aota for not living up to standards and Kei's fears are further cemented. Iwao asks Kei to express a bunch of emotions on command but she is unable to express them in a clear way. He asks Kametaro to do a demonstration and she learns that she needs to do it in an over the top way and put the conveying of the emotion above all else.

When she returns to Studio Daikokuten, Sumiji Kuroyama explains to her that while she feels the emotions, she is unable to bring them back and express them for an audience to interpret with ease. Suddenly, a TV report shows up on the news, discussing Kei and Akira Hoshi's appearance at Araya Myojin's post-performance interview. The report shows pictures of Kei clinging to Akira after being spooked by Araya and they begin to speculate over the pair being involved in a relationship.

Arisa Hoshi watches this and wishes to dispel the rumors entirely, planning on having Akira also play a part in Night of Galactic Railroad to prevent his reputation from being besmirched in any way and to pass his appearance with Kei off as simply the two of them visiting their soon to be co-star.

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