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Scene 28. A New Member is the twenty eighth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Arisa’s cover story goes live on the news and causes great anticipation for the Night of Galactic Railroad play. Nanao Sanzaka and Kametaro Aota ponder over why Yujiro Iwao would go out of his way to take on Akira Hoshi for the play, perplexed at this exception for someone who they recognized as a superficial actor at best. Iwao has a discussion with Arisa Hoshi about taking Akira on and he asks if she is sure she wants him directing her child, given her resolve to send Akira down a different path than she had gone through.

Arisa says she is not concerned about Akira as he is talentless and not as sensitive as Chiyoko Momoshiro to be at risk of being influenced by Kei Yonagi. Confident in her belief that Akira would come out of the play unchanged she tells Iwao she had not expected their conversation to go as smoothly as it did and he responds that it is his atonement for what he had put her through. As Iwao continues and compares Kei to Arisa when she was younger the superstar scoffs at this and says she intends to make full use of Iwao’s guilt and that his age was getting to him for him to believe Kei was like her. He spits back at her not to underestimate Kei and that children are capable of changes that smash their parents expectations.

Later on, Akira joins the other actors for a practice session and is instantly recognized, with Kametaro attempting to tear him down. Araya steps forward to greet him and Akira believes that he has forgotten their first meeting. Sizing him up Araya says that he has no ‘smell’, being sceptical of Akira. Iwao interjects and has Araya back off, telling him to stay out of his casting decisions. Araya takes Kei off to practice and Akira observes them, as Kei shows what she has practiced, Araya snaps at her and tells her not to give up on diving deep to bring out emotions telling her not to repeat such horrendous acting again. Akira is unable to understand what Kei had been doing wrong and is unable to keep up with the pair’s conversation, feeling inadequate he announces to everyone that he would give a performance that would make everyone accept him.

After practice, Akira finds Kei at a park lying on a bench and asks her what she’s doing. Kei tells him that she’s trying to maintain her role and says that no one has been able to help her in a meaningful way, saying she feels lonely for it. Suddenly, a child recognizes Akira but he quietly shushes her with a smile and a wink, seeing this Kei has a revelation and begins thanking Akira profusely for helping her out leaving the boy bewildered.

Chapter Notes

  • Akira joins the cast for Night of Galactic Railroad and begins practicing with the rest of the cast.
  • Kei makes a breakthrough by observing Akira.

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