Scene3. Stage 2 is the third chapter of Act-Age manga series.



Yonagi watches her acting video seriously

This chapter begins with Yonagi watching a video of her acting. She was really serious watching a video, even Yuki called her repeatly but she didn't hear.Yuki worries because Yonagi was been watching the same footage on repeat for 3 hours, even she says Yonagi is scaries than Sadako from Ring. Kuroyama just sit while read a newspaper, then says that it was her first time shooting a video and he guess she is excited.

Suddenly Yonagi calls Kuroyama, ask him if there is something strange about how she is in the video? Kuroyama answers no because the client was happy with it and she said herself that she looks pretty.Yonagi still feel strange about the video but she don't know why. After that conversation, Yonagi leave the office because she has work that night.

Yuki asks Kuroyama if Yonagi was definitely odd. Kuroyama just says that Yonagi is legit because she recognized intuitively that her performance is still unrefined. He believe she will evolve while making weird expression. Yuki asks him if he really happy lately. She wonders if because all this time he has been dissatified with all of the talent they have seen an now he has finally found the gem he have been searching for in Yonagi. She thinks that one day Yonagi will be ready to play special role in Kuroyama's future film. Kuroyama agrees with that statement while saying that that is why he created the company and now he just needs to throw himself to Yonagi's training.

Arisa is watching Yonagi's acting footage

In the Stars Agency office. Arisa Hoshi is watching Yonagi's acting video for web ad that Kuroyama made. She is amazed by him because he evoked high level of sensitifity in an actress in just one day. Even Arisa's assistant don't believe that Yonagi is the same girl they saw in the audition. She expected that because she knew it was Kuroyama's role as a director to draw out an artist's full potential. She is glad because he is developing Yonagi's skill before going public. But, she feels alert and says that they need to act quickly because Kuroyama isn't an ordinary director. According to her, Sumiji Kuroyama had won accolades at all of the world's top movie festivals like Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festival. The reason why he's still not well-known in Japan is only because he never prioritized fame until now. Arisa worries because she thinks he will destory her industry for his dream and now he has his weapon, Kei Yonagi.


Edo era Shooting Set

In the next day Yonagi, Kuroyama and Yuki arrive in shooting location. This shooting is set in Edo-era Village.Yonagi is amazed by shooting set while she don't know yet what they are filming and what her role is. Kuroyama just says "Stage 2, Yonagi". Yonagi changes her costume into a kimono with Yuki's help. While fixing Yonagi's costume, Yuki says that they're filming a periode piece of netprime. Kuroyama isn't directing that project and they are there as Yonagi's manager. Then Kuroyama tries to explain about filming staff to Yonagi, from director, production team, film crew to audio crew. Yuki explains that Yonagi's role is an extra who is basically passerby in the setting. Despite just be one in crown of people in the background behind the stars and don't have specific line, Yuki says that extras are quite important. Yonagi have no objection about that.

Everyone is preparing for the filming. One of film assistant explains the scenario. The scenario is a young gilr chases a stray ball into Daimyo's procession and is slain on the spot for her impudence, while the rest of villager look on and helpless to intercede. Yonagi will act as one of the villager. Yonagi is thinking about scenario because her role is a villager from Edo era and she has never experienced it because she was born in Heisei era. While Yonagi thinking, some film crew see Kuroyama and Yuki. They wonder if they have seen Kuroyama somewhere before. Yuki just mutters that if they should know Kuroyama face if they are in entertainment business.


Yonagi kicks an actor in the filming

The shooting will try to take a testing. When director says "Action", Yonagi try to delve her role as a villager who witness a samurai killing a young girl and she just look on as they kill her. Suddenly, she jumps into the scene and kicks the actor who play as a samurai. Everyone are shocked while Kuroyama just laughs hard. Yonagi says if the young girl is okay. the young girl says that she is okay but she is supposed to be killed in the scenario and after that she is suddenly crying. Yonagi apologize to director and film crew because she made a mistake. a film assistant try to remove her from the set but director thinks about something and then ask him to leave her for now. Yonagi talks to director. She says she can't look on as a child is killed. Director answer "You're an actress. The script is your bible.". While director and Yonagi talk each other. Kuroyama explains about what he means as Stage 2. Stage 2 is playing a person who isn't you and its an importan lesson. Yuki don't believe that Kuroyama is using someone project as his teaching tools. This chapter ends at that scene.

Chapter Notes

  • This is the first time Studio Daikokuten's office is displayed from outside.
  • Sumiji Kuroyama had won accolades at the world's top movie festivals. In this chapter, Arisa mention that is Cannes, Berlin, and Venice Film Festival.
  • Although already won a lot of film awards overseas. Kuroyama isn't famous in Japan, even film crew in this chapter are hard to recognize him.
  • This is the first time Yonagi has acted for a drama project and also ther firs time Yonagi plays as an extra.
  • Koujirou Takada and Kanon Yamamori are already appear in this appear, but will be introduced in the next chapter.

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