Scene4. Villager A is the fourth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


This chapter begins the director explain to Yonagi that she must become a person who would watch a girl die. An actor who was kicked, Koujirou Takada by Yonagi protests to director, He asks the director why he's stiil going use her for the next take because she kicked him for no reason. Even he want to be handing her to the police because of that kick. Director says that he is curious about Yonagi and he wul use her one more time. But Koujirou still can't accept that. While they are arguing each other, the young girl actress Kanon Yamamori try to calm they down. Koujirou feels sorry for yelling in front of her. Then Kanon says that she thinks Yonagi is sincere because Yonagi was really trying to save her.


Kuroyama explains about Yonagi's acting

In the other place, Yonagi still can't accept the scenario and complaints to Kuroyama and Yuki. Kuroyama tries to explain the situation. Yonagi said that she must to save the young girl because they will be killing young girl in front of her eyes. Kuroyama understands that feeling and also says that she is a hundred times more honest than all the other extras who just standing there. But for him, that is not Edo-era Villager A because that is just regular old Yonagi. Kuroyama provokes her again with saying that if she can't become villager A, she is not an actor, ends that statement with says "amateur". Yonagi is provoked and then she is going to the set dan declares that she will do it while calls Kuroyama as a lolicon.


Yonagi acts as a Villager who protects a young girl

Yonagi is back as an extras. She thinks hard about follow the script. Kuroyama is muttering about the situtation and says that if the next time Yonagi comes at him, he is going to turn the fake sword he hold on her and see how she likes it. Film crew is preparing for second testing. When clappers board sounds. Yonagi suddenly leave her 'real world' and complete immerse themselves in the world of acting. This time, she still tries to stop the samurai to kill young girl. See her coming to him, Koujirou suddenly swings the fake sword to Yonagi. But, Yonagi can dodge it. Koujirou is shocked with her reaction time and wonders if she will kick him again. But this time Yonagi won't kick her. She sits in front of Kanon while saying "Please don't hurt her". After witness that acting from Yonagi, Director confirms her thought about Yonagi that she's not screwing around and she is simply playing the role of a villager seriously.


Yonagi imagine the young girl as her sister, Rui

After that false acting, Yonagi comes back to Kuroyama and Yuki with sad face. She says that her body moved on its own. It was like she saw Rei super-imposes on top of that young girl so she just can't sit back and watch her die. Yuki realizes something. She realizes that Yonagi can only act out scenes she was experienced in her past. In other word. she can only become herself. Yonagi's acting in the web ad before wasn't an act of a daughter but it was the face of a mother. Thats why Yonagi felt strange about her own acting. Then Kuroyama once again tries to tell Yonagi what she is missing.

In other places, director, a film assistant and Koujirou are discussing about remove Yonagi as an extra. Director just decides to get rid her from the scenes before Koujirou ask who she is. Director compare Yonagi's aciting with Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger and Al Pacino because she become immersed in thery role that she deviate from the script, just like that famous actor whom director mentions. Just before he want to get rid of her, Director see Yonagi with Kuroyama and wonders why he is with her and after Kuroyama says something to her. It looks like she is grasped something and then director decides to let Yonagi as an extras once more.


Yonagi acts sadly while watching a young girl killed in front of her

Yonagi thinks about Kuroyama's advice. He said that she had been mistaken from the very start. She was wrong to imagine that young girl as her sister. Kuroyama said that she must imagine her family lives somewhere in this set and they are wating fo her to come home, then If she go over and defy that guy it's not just she who will suffer the consequences but also her family. After immerses that scenario into her feeling, she acts as Villager who just watch a young girl killed by a samurai. But her expression is so sad and her hands held so tightly even blood comes out from his hand. Director suddenly cuts the scenes. He commands the crew to get Yonagi out of the scenes. Because her acting and expression as an extra is stealing the entire scene from the main actor. This chapters end with a close up view of Yonagi's expression.

Chapter Notes

  • Koujirou Takada and Kanon Yamamori are introduces officially in this chapter, although they already appeared in the previous chapter.
  • This chapter explains that at this moment Yonagi can only acts what she was experienced and also acts from her perspective.
  • Last Yonagi's acting in this chapter is enough to stealing the entire scene from Koujirou and Kanon. Because she potrays her feeling with very sad expression and bloody hand.

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