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Scene 5. Unknown Me[1] is the fifth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Yonagi's expression from camera perspective

This chapter begins with the scenes when the director cut the filming because of Yonagi's acting. With that level of acting, the viewer will be focused on Yonagi and no one is even going to be looking at the main actors. Yonagi is stealing the entire scene on that take. Another extra is confused about why the director cut the filming because in their view she just stood up and didn't do anything. After the cut by the director, Yonagi comes to Kanon and apologize to her. That situation even makes misunderstanding to other people even someone thinks there is an accident in that take. But Kanon immediately looks at Yonagi and then Yonagi says "Oh right, this is acting".

Kuroyama suddenly hold Yonagi and run from the shooting set

Director just wants to ask Yonagi's name but suddenly Kuroyama take her off from the shooting set. Kuroyama praises her and says that nothing left for her to do. Director tries to stop them but they already reach the car. Before leaving, Kuroyama apologizes to the director and he promises that he will make it up to him. Director doesn't believe Kuroyama was using his work to help Yonagi grow as an actor.

After arrive at Studio Daikokuten's office, Yonagi looks at the scenery from the office's window. Yuki worries because Yonagi just stands up in front of the window for 3 hours since she arrived at the office. Kuroyama just response it with a calm answer that the view isn't half bad. But she is still pulling and pushing while reminds him that Yonagi was got be in shock. Yuki thinks about how abnormal Yonagi's focus on her performance. She thinks that in Yonagi's eyes, there is no difference between the real world and the world in which she acts. She concludes that the feelings Yonagi experienced then might be still be lingering inside her.

Yuki explains that there are actors who had insomnia and drug addiction because of their acting

Yuki then explains about there are many actors who begin to drown themselves in their own roles, growing sick at heart and it caused them to have something like insomnia and drug addiction. She alerts Kuroyama that if he is thinking that it's fine if Yonagi is broken, so long as it's for the sake of his dream, she will never forgive him. Kuroyama just says that Yonagi is not that type of person. Suddenly, Yonagi calls them and just told them about people around whom she saw from there. Yuki is relieved that it doesn't feel like Yonagi is in shock at all.

After watch people around from office window, Yonagi says to Kuroyama that there really are a lot of different kinds of people in this world. She realizes that sometimes she never had an experience like watching a young girl killed or she can't understand someone who would do that, so she thinks that there would be no way for her to play that role. But with Kuroyama's direction, she realizes that she became a person who would watch a girl die. just like the script called for. Until now she thought that acting was basically becoming yourself from the past and she thought that she wouldn't be able to portray the emotion that she has never felt. But now she realizes that there was such a cruel person inside of her and there was an unknown her, sleeping within her. Kuroyama agrees with that statement. He says that method acting isn't her only weapon because she still doesn't know who she is herself. He says that he will help her. Yuki is relieved that Yonagi realized what the essence of acting is.

In the Stars Agency's office, Arisa once again watches Yonagi's acting footage, this time its from her acting as an extra. Arisa thinks about how Yonagi reached that level of acting after just a few days. She is relieved that the director was sensitive to what was going on with Yonagi because if he made a single misstep, the child actor from her agency, Kanon would be completely upstaged by Yonagi. Arisa admits that Kei Yonagi got a significant talent for acting. Meanwhile, Arisa is in the middle of meeting for next Stars Agency film project. Another meeting member already made decision about 12 major cast members from Stars Agency for the movie with the title "Death Island". Then 12 another cast will be recruited from public audition. Arisa agrees with that decision and then leave the meeting.

"Angels of Stars" dances around with her own face billboard as the background

Shimizu, Arisa's assistant ask her why she doesn't want to take a look at the cast. She says that it because she is already sure about the way things are structured. the way that they only use marketable actors for this film. Also for her, as long as someone who she called "that girl" takes the leading role, there won't be a problem. Shimizu clarifies that this girl who Arisa mentioned is "Angel of Stars". Arisa explains her thought that film is neither art nor entertainment, it is business. She don't need individual who is merely good acting. An actor like "Angel of Stars" will capture the hearts of the audience. For Arisa, she is her greatest masterpiece, and actress like her are the only ones worth. The end of This chapter with a girl who Arisa and Shimizu discussing are reading "Death Island" script. While reading the script, she dances around her room in front of big windows that facing a big billboard of her face. She mutters "What a terrible script. Written around me again, I suppose?".

Chapter Notes

  • Yonagi don't ever get a real take in this drama shooting. All of her actings was cut by director.
  • Kuroyama just used this drama project to help Yonagi grow as an actor.
  • Yuki explained the risk of method acting which can affect actors' mental and emotion and make them have ill like insomnia and drug addiction. This case can be found in real-life acting industry.
  • Stars Agency will produce a film with title "Death Island". They will use 12 actors from their own agency and 12 others from the public audition.
  • Chiyoko Momoshiro have a full appearance for the first time in this chapter, although she will be introduced officially in the next chapter.

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