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Scene 6. The Angel of Stars[1] is the sixth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Kei takes Sumiji's bait and asks him to find her more work

Kei receives a lot of money as payment for her work on the Father's Day commercial, enough to feed her family for months. At Black Water Public Bath she tells Yuki that she can't accept any of it because she ignored the script while she shot the scene and was thus disqualified as an actor. Sumiji asks Rui about their family and learns that their mother had passed away and their father left them.

Their father still sent them money to support them but Kei adamantly refused to use any of it. Upon learning this Sumiji calls over to Kei and reassures her saying they delivered a product that the client was satisfied with and not to get her priorities twisted. He then proceeds to taunt her by saying she wasn't the only one dissatisfied by her performance and to her chagrin calls her an amateur. Kei yells at Sumiji that she will do better next time and to get her more work, to which he responds that she starts getting her own work instead.

Chiyoko glides across the audience

The next day at Studio Daikokuten Yuki tells Kei that auditions are the main method for actors to get their own work and Kei says that she wants to do auditions to get her own roles instead of depending on Sumiji's connections. Sumiji calls them over and bids them to pay attention to the television, where the Stars agency is about to make an announcement. Simultaneously, at the Stars location Akira prepares his lines for the announcement but is interrupted by his mother who comes to tell him to his disappointment that Chiyoko Momoshiro will be making the announcement instead.

Chiyoko reaches the stage

As the change in the lineup is also announced to the public, a photographer in the audience remarks that at least Chiyoko has a cute face and is then shocked to find that she was sitting right behind him and then proceeds to gracefully walk over the tops of all the chairs towards the stage, captivating everyone watching. Back at Studio Daikokuten, Sumiji asks Kei what she thinks of Chiyoko and she replies that she is beautiful but Kei can't quite tell what lies beneath her mask as an actor and would like to meet her.

Chapter Notes

  • Kei receives her first payment for acting work.
  • We learn what happened to the Yonagi's parents.
  • Chiyoko is properly introduced.

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