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Scene 8. Audition (Part 2)[1] is the eighth chapter of Act-Age manga series.


Kei and Sumiji apologise

Three weeks before the audition, Kei Yonagi and Sumiji Kuroyama are at a restaurant seated opposite and apologizing to both the actor who was kicked by Kei during the Edo-era shoot and the director of that production. The pair squabble between each other as they apologize, leaving the other two perplexed at the kind of apology they were receiving. The actor accurately guesses that it was because Kei's body moved on its own and tells her it is fine, Sumiji abruptly pulls Kei away and ends the apology not wanting anyone to get wind of Kei's talents. The director's interest is piqued however and he tries to recruit Kei into working with him so he can develop her skills further, believing he can do a better job than Sumiji. Kei refuses, saying Sumiji is the one who discovered her though the director assumes out loud that it is because she has romantic feelings for Sumiji which they both immediately reject. Sumiji asks the actor to give Kei some acting advice and he agrees, telling Kei that the way she is going currently she won't make it as a successful actor. He says Kei has a real talent for acting but that there is a difference between making a product and just simply running wild with her instincts, Sumiji interjects and tells her that she needs to learn to control her talents by herself.

Cue back to the Death Island auditions at Stars Agency where Kei, Takemitsu Karasuyama, Masaki Minamoto and Akane Yushima. Kei asks the others if they ever feel their body moving on its own while acting. Takemitsu is intrigued while Masaki is confused but Akane says she has heard of those kinds of people and thinks they are too good to be true. Kei opens her palm to look at some reminders written on it, which are to prepare for her part well and not to raise a hand against her co-stars. Masaki sees this and asks if she really needs to remind herself of the second point, utterly confused at her. Takemitsu tells Kei that she's acting strange and asks her if she's doing alright to which she responds that she is and that she merely wants to do well and not cause trouble for others.


The group makes it to the audition room to find a set of a deserted island with Yukiji Tezuka and some other Stars employees seated at a desk opposite the set. Yukiji bids that they all begin quickly since there are many actors yet to give auditions. Stars actress Rika Machida steps up and explains how the audition will work to the group. She tells them the scenario, that their plane crash-landed on the island due to turbulent weather and the scene will begin with the four of them awakening, then they have to improvise and act the situation out together in five minutes. They had to coordinate the scene between themselves to make sure they all started trying to kill each other within the time limit. This causes some consternation but Tezuka tells them to get on the set and begin, continuing to say that if they felt the group didn't have what it took the audition would be over long before the time limit expires. The groups takes their positions to get ready for the scene, each with doubts in their minds except for Kei who believes there's only kind of acting she can do and to imagine herself experiencing the situation for the first time.

Takemitsu begins acting out the scenario

Yukiji takes interest in Kei's performance

She begins to envision the scenario in her mind to prepare herself, imagining herself on the plane as it fell. The audition begins and Takemitsu jolts up asking where all of them are as Masaki groggily lifts himself up, he continues on to ask questions to help build the scene, Masaki catches on and says he can't see other people on the island with them, clarifying the scene to Takemitsu's relief and Akane attempts to naturally progress things forward to killing each other. She grabs Takemitsu by the collar of his shirt and says its all his fault, as Kei finally jolts up to begin acting. Takemitsu indignantly responds to Akane's accusation, Yukiji looks on at their performance acknowledging their skill but finds it boring and is ready to finish the scene even though only one minute has passed but suddenly Kei begins and everyone's attention is pulled towards her as she asks the others what they are doing and points out there could still be people living inland. Masaki and Akane get internally concerned that Kei is breaking up the flow they had built but Takemitsu acknowledges to himself that she has a point. Kei proceeds to ask the others what's going on and why they jumped to the conclusion that they were on a deserted island as Yukiji looks on with interest.

Chapter Notes

  • Kei is told that she needs to learn to control her talent.
  • The audition begins.

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