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Scene 97. Reach[1] is the ninety seventh chapter of the Act-Age manga series.


Arisa Hoshi, looks on at Kei Yonagi's performance and worries if separating Kei from Sumiji Kuroyama was a bad decision. Kei's co-stars led by Riku Ogami continue to salvage the play as he tries to snap Kei back to her senses and into the play by say it was a pleasure fighting with Kei's character. Then Kei sees the Hanako behind Riku's shoulder and loses focus again. So Takemitsu Karasuyama jumps in and attempts to continue the fight with Kei's character. Riku internally commends Takemitsu for this move but asks his character to remain silent. Then Riku continues to reach out to Kei hoping she gets his signal to forget the script and just act with him.

Now Kei snaps back and realises she needs to progress the scene, that people are waiting on her and that she shares the stage with them. Then we see that she drops her acting style and attempts to mindlessly carry out the rest of the scene. This discourages some of Kei's friends who are present next to Sumiji, including Chiyoko Momoshiro who stands up from her seat and cries out that she only wants to beat Kei at her best.

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