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Scene 98. Wind[1] is the ninety eighth chapter of the Act-Age manga series.


Hanako Yamanoue sees that Kei Yonagi's heart isn't in her performance anymore and that she is now merely going through the motions to get to the end of the script and says it is too bad. Takemitsu Karasuyama looks on in horror at Kei having lost her drive and Riku Ogami thinks to himself about when he spoke of working to stay true to himself because he knew if he lost that then he would never get it back. He believes it is wrong for an actress like Kei to perform in such a manner and that she had saved not only him but their co-stars as well during the course of the play and now was his turn to return the favor.

He straigthens up and smirks, the rest of the vast understand what he is going for and nod in agreement. Riku steps up to Kei as she is about to half heartedly blow her fan and all those present look on in shock as the boy deviates from the script and holds Kei's hand to stop her from blowing the fan. Dumbstruck, the onlookers wonder why they have abandoned the play and are acting on their own. Araya Myojin sees that Riku has done this to protect Kei's performance but cannot fathom why he would do such a thing.

Kei is brought back to earth by this and she becomes sad and angry at this turn of events. Sad that her performance led to their defeat and forced her co-stars to intervene and abandon the script; angry at her own weakness, being the cause of their loss and that she felt grateful to them for it. In her mind, she is approached by a younger version of herself who notes that she is no longer alone and wonders if it is because she is an actor now. The young Kei tells her that she isn't who she used to be and that she certainly isn't the Princess Iron Fan envisioned by Hanako.

Telling her to look at how fortunate she is now, that she's left anger and sadness behind her and asks her if she can play the part now as Kei tears up. Wiping them away, Kei stands up and grabs the fan with renewed determination, sensing that something is about to be portrayed Hanako steps forward and tries to tell Kei to wait but she has already begun to swing the fan. Thinking to herself that she is Princess Iron Fan, who was once a prisoner of anger and sorrow she smiles as she thinks that is why she is now able to appreciate what she has, putting out the flames and blowing Hanako back as she can only look in awe.

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