Staff Policy

The following is the Staff Policy for the Act-Age Wiki that applies for members of staff for this Wiki (Bureaucrats, Admins and both types of Mods: Content or Discussions).

Becoming a member of Staff

  • Staff Members must be consistently active or else be at risk of having their positions forfeit. If one ceases to be active for 6 months without giving prior notice on the Wiki then they are subject to a demotion.
  • Users wishing to become Bureaucrats must have at least 750 edits, have spent at least 6 months as an administrator actively editing across the Wiki and have the approval of all existing active Bureaucrats as well as a supermajority of approval from existing Admins (or sysops) (2/3rds).
  • Users wishing to become Admins must have at least 500 edits, have spent at least 6 months as a Content Moderator actively editing across the Wiki and receive approval from all the existing active Bureaucrats as well as a 2/3rds supermajority from existing Admins.
  • Users wishing to become Content Moderators must have at least 250 edits and have spent at least 3 months actively editing across the Wiki. The voting requirements are looser in this regard and a 2/3rd supermajority from existing Bureaucrats + Administrators is sufficient.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements for a position do not guarantee the position and appointments are subject to staff consensus.
  • For the purposes of record keeping, the staff appointment procedure must happen on the Wiki either through Message Walls or Discussions or any other similar option Fandom presents in the future and cannot be carried out through other non-Fandom platforms.
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