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Studio Daikokuten is a video production studio and talent office established by the film director, Sumiji Kuroyama for the purpose of eventually creating his ultimate movie. It is located in Asagaya, Tokyo.


Sumiji founded this studio at some unknown point in time so that he may eventually be able to film his dream movie with it. He recruited Yuki Hiiragi here to help him with his mission and together they scoured around for actors to help Sumiji fulfill his vision.

Eventually he also hires Kei Yonagi to the studio so that he is able to nurture her more closely into becoming the lead actress for his dream movie. The studio acts as the venue for a lot of Sumiji's meetings with Kei, becoming a home base of sorts for the group. It is unknown if the studio has ever produced any other movies however, when Kei is first invited here there are other film crew present suggesting that the studio still engages in producing works, if for no other reason than to stay afloat until Sumiji is finally ready to film his masterpiece.