Sumiji Kuroyama (黒山 墨字 Kuroyama Sumiji) is main deutragonist of Act-Age manga series. He is a director and also founder of Studio Daikokuten.

Although he had won various film festival awards overseas, he isn't famous in Japan as a director. He founded Studio Daikokuten to make just one film in future. After discovering Kei Yonagi's talent from an audition, he invites Yonagi to his studio and guides her to be an actress who will leave an imprint on history of acting.


Kuroyama is a tall, semi-muscular man with short neck length brown hair, his bangs is held back in a ponytail stylish way on top of his head and a stubbly beard. He has tan color skin with violet eye color.

In the beginning, Sumiji attire was rather simple; he wears a gray plain long sleeve shirt with a small V-neck collar, also he wears navy blue pants.





  • Kuroyama's favorite food are rice cracker, oden, yakitori, chinmi and sake (alcohol in general).
  • He doesn't like high smoking rate in movie industries.
  • His hobby are saving cute animal pictures on his smartphone and hiding & watching.
  • Unlike another character, he doesn't want to talk about his favorite movie, he is a type who thinks its naught to talk about works.
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