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Takemitsu Karasuyama ( (からす) (やま) (たけ) (みつ) Karasuyama Takemitsu?) is a character in Act-Age manga series. He is an actor affiliated with Yugekiza Theater Company.

He is one of the actors who was chosen from the open audition for "Death Island" film produced by Stars Agency. He speaks loudly so often his friends admonish him. He said that pandering to the role or original story won't help someone because they ought to be competing on the basis of their acting and personality. He works a part-time job as a worker at a construction site.


Takemitsu is a tall young man, with short light-colored hair with a couple of colored streaks, and light-colored eyes. He has piercings in both of his ears, and he initially wore a white shirt, black pants, and sandals.


Takemitsu has an audaciously loud personality which draws much attention to him.



Takemitsu has a loud outburst during the "Death Island" open audition held by Yuki Hiiragi. A man known as Masaki notes that Takemitsu's behavior is a tactful way of gaining attention for himself. This would help him stand out more than the others as there are 500 people to that open audition. Afterward, he along with Kei, Masaki, and Akane and is told to wait until they're called. While they wait he gets into an argument over acting merits with Masaki that's stopped by Akane. He, however, is impressed with Kei's quote, "As long as I know myself, I can play anything". The quartet is then called and lead down a hallway.


  • Takemitsu's favorite food is fish dishes.
  • He doesn't like people who laugh at others.
  • His special skill is being pathologically popular with children and animals.
  • His hobby is hiking with very light equipment.
  • His favorite movies are 12 Angry Men, Les Miserables, and Seven Souls in the Skull Castle.
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