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Yujiro Iwao (巌 裕次郎 Iwao Yūjirō) is a character in Act-Age manga series. He is a director affiliated with Tenkyu Theater Company.

He is recognized as "An Authority in the World of Stage-acting". He had directed stage play production for 40 years as said by a stage play critic. He chose Kei Yonagi for his stage play after Sumiji Kuroyama told him about her, saying she was the reincarnation of Arisa Hoshi who Yujiro had worked with in the past and caused her career-ending breakdown. "Night of Galactic Railroad" was the last stage play that he directed.


Yujiro has a shaven head with a light-colored mustache and goatee, and light-colored eyes. He wears a light-colored buttoned-up dress shirt, dark-colored pants, and shoes.


Yujiro is an unapologetically candid speaker who only works with people who in his definition, "Stink".



Yujiro was an acclaimed director of stage plays known throughout Japan for his work. He had a reputation for pushing his actors to improve and at one point he worked together with Arisa Hoshi on a play. This production is where Arisa suffered her career-ending breakdown, which led to Yujiro feeling guilty for his part in the tragic misfortune and untimely end of a brilliant acting career.

Some years later he founded the Tenkyu Theatrical Company in an attempt to foster and nurture passionate young actors, partially to atone for the Arisa incident. At some point, he had been diagnosed with malignant tumors in his pancreas prior to the discovery of Kei Yonagi by Sumiji. He had intended from the start to have Night of Galactic Railroad be his final production. Six months before Sumiji discovered Kei at a Stars Agency audition, he met with Yujiro at practice with several Tenkyu Theatrical Company actors at which point Yujiro told the young director in the secrecy of his imminent demise.

After Kei's explosive success, Sumiji again approached Yuujirou with the intention of having the veteran director recruit Kei into his final play and nurture her into becoming an even finer actress. Yujiro agrees and takes the young actress under his wing.


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