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Yuki Hiiragi ( (ひいらぎ) (ゆき) Hiiragi Yuki?) is a character in Act-Age manga series. She is an assistant director at Studio Daikokuten.

After she met Sumiji Kuroyama during high school, she decided to be his assistant and followed him to Studio Daikokuten. After Kuroyama invites Kei Yonagi to the studio, she acts as Yonagi's manager and also takes care of Yonagi's younger siblings while Yonagi is working as an actress.


Yuki has gray hair in a small ponytail, with a long bang hanging from the right side and a long and thin strand of hair that protrudes from her head. She also has gray eyes. Yuki wears a mostly dark and otherwise semi-dark jumpsuit.


Yuki is known to snap at Sumiji for his careless nature about wasting or declining new jobs that she finds for him. Other than that she has a good relationship with him and later Kei whom she babysits her siblings for.



In the Studio Daikokuten, Yuki berates Sumiji for turning down a job she tried to get for them. On the other hand, Sumiji has other priorities in mind and goes out to accomplish it, while Yuki proclaims that they have a commercial shoot soon. At the place of the commercial shoot, Yuki anxiously awaits for Sumiji to arrive as he's late. The man in person then arrives crashing his car while carrying in tow a recalcitrant Kei. This prompts Yuki to try and make her superior apologize, but he refuses to. In the end, Sumiji manages to convince Kei to perform in a stew web commercial. As the camera roles, Yuki watches Kei's performance and notes that she notes that Kei does have talent. Yuki then drives Sumiji and Kei out of the studio and stops an argument between Kei and Sumiji.



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