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Yukiji Tezuka ( () (づか) () () () Tezuka Yukiji?) is a character in the Act-Age manga series. He is a director affiliated with Stars Agency.

He is the director who responsible for the film "Death Island", a film produced by Stars Agency. He became a director who pretty much only accepted takes because in his past he rejected so many takes from his lead actress and because of that he couldn't find work for 5 years. After discovered Kei Yonagi's talent in an audition for "Death Island" cast, He used her to influence Chiyoko Momoshiro's acting so he can capture a side of Chiyoko that no one ever seen before.


Yukiji has long black hair, a black goatee, and his eyes are covered by his tea shade sunglasses. He wears two earrings, a suit, and shoes.


From the sounds of not only his likes and dislikes, but his interests, he's a fickle individual.



Yukiji holds a symposium where he greets all of the potential actors and actresses for the upcoming movie he's directing "Death Island". He's briefly interrupted by a loud and audacious Takemitsu whom he notes as the old fashioned type and wishes him the best of luck.


  • Tezuka's favorite things is a beautiful woman who is mature on both age and mentally.
  • But he also dislikes a beautiful woman who is mature on both age and mentally.
  • He has interests in houseplants, he gets sad when the one he buys die.
  • His favorite movies are Is Paris Burning?, The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now.
  • He is a fan of Francis Ford Coppola, an American producer and director.


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